Lesson of the Day: Preparation is Key

My work life is hectic. There are never-ending tasks to do. For this reason, I strive to work in lightning speed, in the hope to get more done the fastest way. In short, I’m so not the type who will spend an afternoon coming up with ideas before a meeting. Because I simply do not have the time. Why decrease current productivity when you can brainstorm in the meeting, right?

But today I actually did prepare before a meeting. And what a difference it made.

1. Manager was impressed when I turned up with brief drafts. True, not all ideas shine but preparation shows dedication. The act itself silently acknowledged that I took the discussion seriously. Subtly it also showed respect of the parties involved.

2. In the process of preparing, I reviewed the materials and thus had a good grasp of relevant data. This gave me confidence and a head start in discussion. I was alert and aware of topics discussed. No more meddling in murky water wondering what the hell everyone was talking about. No more yawns…OK, not no more, just less.

3. I find that being an introvert, preparation helps with communicating my thoughts. I think before I speak. I need quiet time to think, and cannot think while talking aloud, like most extroverts do. Being prepared reduced thinking time needed. Kind of like doing homework before class to be able to ask quality questions.

4. It saves time and energy. We went through issues quicker since everything was clearer. Less time, less energy spent.

Today I learned preparation really is key. Looking back, I may have been working with a wrong approach. I used to think preparation is not worth it because it takes time. Now I see it as an investment. What do you think?


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