Colour Quiz – Eerily Accurate!

Thank God it’s Friday! Here’s a little goodie: Colour Quiz, a free 5 minutes personality test. It’s a no brainer. Just select from the available blocks of colour the one you feel like the most for the moment, until all colours are gone.

My result was right on the spot. I feel it’s different from other formal tests as it did not analyse you bit by bit (eg. percentage of your extraversion/introversion). It’s more like a crystal ball, because, really, how did it come to those conclusions only by knowing your colour preference? Below is an excerpt from my result (one page long), to give you an idea.

“Seeks freedom and the chance to do as she wishes; avoids restrictions or things that try to hold her back. Feels an intense amount of pressure being put on her and would like a chance to escape in order to do the things she wants and needs to do for himself. However, she lacks the determination and motivation to escape and pursue her own personal gains.” Curious yet? See yours at:


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