On Tackling a Deadline

It’s past 9pm. Thrilled, because I completed a work task due today. One that I asked for a permission to work from home for the day in order to focus. One that I had been working on since waking up this morning. Soon I’d be able to tick it off, but not now, I thought. Now I must endure the last stage: self checking. I really, truly, absolutely hate this part. It stood big and tall between me and my emancipation, the freedom I had long awaited. I was tired, both mentally and physically. Yet I must still wait, just a little bit longer, I told myself. I had known the price of handing in work as soon as I thought it’s done without checking: mistakes, doubts, distrust, disaster. No, I didn’t want to repeat those. I ignored the stiffness along my neck and shoulder. Ah, there, I could do better in this part, better fix it now. Twenty minutes passed very slowly I could almost picture it crawl by like a turtle. Ctrl+S. Sent. Done! Finally. In an instant, it’s like someone pulled a weight off me. Like it didn’t feel right to flash a smile, or wasn’t allowed, and suddenly, the world was a happy place all over again, and everything’s fine again. And I couldn’t help smiling.


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