How to be loved by your boss and clients

As a twenty something executive, it is THE dream to advance through the career ladder. How to do that, you asked? First things first, let’s get our bosses to like us!

Starting this Friday, there is a mandatory training for executives at junior levels. The kick-off session about personal branding is so interesting, I’d like to share it here. Back in high school business class, we had the 4 Ps marketing mix. According to the speaker, a similar marketing strategy is applicable to a person: 3Ps – Personality, Process, and Physical appearance.

Personality is your traits and characteristics at work. Favourably, you should be positive, helpful and sociable. Process is the procedure, the obvious and the unwritten rules of how to approach tasks. Physical appearance is having a professional look that enhances credibility, in the eyes of clients AND your boss. (Note to self: shop for business shirts) Here are some tips I think are practical:
1) Being on time does not only mean never be late for a client meeting, but also to arrive earlier than your boss who is also going.
2) In a client meeting, never work on other client’s projects, or reply emails. Fidgeting with phone is not acceptable.
3) It’s a crime to arrive at a venue just sitting nicely and watching your boss (who is going to do to the presentation anyway) setting up the projector.
4) when a meeting is confirmed: book a vehicle, send calendar alerts to concerned parties. On the day: bring projector if needed, have all related documents ready, remind your boss 30 mins before leaving time.
5) after a meeting, send client a thank you email, along with a minutes of meeting.
6) in the MoM, state the date, location, personnels present, issues discussed, actionable solution to issues, person in charge of the solution, and solution due date.
7) when a client emails a request, response within 24 hours, at least notify when it can be done by. If it is a higher level concern, remind your boss about it.
8) check every email before you hit send. Delete irrelevant messages in a too-long-already forwarded email. Check the parties CCed, never email using local language when regional people are involved. Use positive language.
9) don’t become the de-energizer in the office. Quit complaining about work/client to colleagues. Instead, approach your boss, and let them know of any issue. Chances are, your boss can help and guide.
10) make a to do list for 5 tasks or more.

Do you find these tips useful? Have something to add? Please let me know!


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