Top 3 Korean snacks

I’m on the edge of finishing all snacks bought from Korea two weeks ago (sad). It’s a bit of a crisis since I’ve grown accustomed to these wonderful treats. Do try them out if you happen to visit Korea. They can be easily found in any supermarket/mini mart across the country. Although I got mine from Lotte Mart at Seoul Station to utilise discount coupons, lol. (Tips- don’t forget to pick up brochures at airport!) These are my top 3 favourite snacks:

No.1 Banana milk
OK, so prior to landing at kimchiland, I googled their native snacks. Despite the fact that this stuff makes the ‘must try list’, my initial purchase was because I was intrigued by the bottle’s unique geometrical shape. I tried a sip and never looked back. The strong banana flavour mixed with creamy milk is just perfect. For 900KRW each, I hauled 2 packs (8bottles) back to my country. Even my dad loves it. Tips – if you just want a bottle for yourself, buy it with a pre-packaged meal for 700KRW from GS-25 mini mart. After paying, you can reheat the meal with a microwave in the store, and enjoy the yummy banana milk 😀

No. 2 Toppokki snack
What is toppokki, you say? It’s a traditional Korean street food – rice cakes topped with red Korean sauce. A bit hot and a little sweet, and chewy. This dried version tastes just like the real thing without the chewiness, which is perfect for me because it won’t stuck on my braces. Plus, loving the crunch. Warning: it’s so addictive one pack is not enough! The price is around 1,000KRW.

No. 3 Choco Chou Cream Cake
How shall I describe it? A chocolatey, moist, dense cake shaped cutely as a fish, with a chocolate filling the consistency of caramel. It’s nice and satisfying. I love the colourful box design, and when you open it, you will be greeted with 8 individual packs in different designs. I don’t know about you, but I felt instant happiness when I opened it, lol. Think of a childhood birthday party with balloons and party hats. If you are looking for a gift for kids back home, look no further than this. They’ll surely enjoy it. Price is more expensive, maybe around 8,000KRW.


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Korean snacks

    1. I put in luggage. At that time I didn’t see the problem with this, but at home when I opened the luggage it spilled a little bit.. Not much spilage to damage my clothes or anything but it rather annoyed me. So i recommend you to put the banana milk inside a plastic bag first.


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