A love/hate relationship with Facebook

One of my favourite pass time is browsing Facebook. I enjoy stalking friends (there I said it) and keeping up with what’s going on around me. Smartphones have made it ultra convenient nowadays. It’s a great time killer for when in a public transport, waiting for meals in a restaurant, or simply act like you have something to do to cure those awkward silences.
I used to post every thought on Facebook, any silly photo, and derived a sense of satisfaction. Not anymore. Since when, I’ve had way too many friends on Fb I don’t recall meeting them in real life; since when, the so called ‘friends’ expanded beyond a circle of close friends and I started to care too much about what I post. What if people think my post is stupid? What if
i don’t get any ‘like’? It feels like being ignored, like nobody cares about you.
I have missed the freedom of expressing one self. Fb these days is more like a self promoting vessel. People (including me) only post the up sides of life – showing off, sort of. Sure, it opens my world to what are shared, and seeing an old acquaintance whom I have not seen in years doing well in life brings joy to my own life. But constantly seeing pictures of friends at exotic destinations makes me wonder where my next holiday is; seeing faces of happy couples when single is annoying. Sometimes I wonder why my life can’t be like theirs?
The truth is, we all think neighbour’s grass is greener. In a chat, a friend confessed jealousy upon seeing my recent travels, and complained how scrolling down fb feed made her sad. I laughed it off and said we all wanted others to see our best side. Don’t get discouraged when you see amazing posts of other people’s life. Try to find awesomeness in daily life. Be grateful you are living it.


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