Princess Diary Dress Cafe

Ever (secretly) dreamed of becoming a princess? In Princess Diary Dress Cafe, your dream will come true, complete with a tiara, because in this prettily decorated little cafe you can rent a dress and play dress up ^_^

Of course I wouldn’t want to miss such a place while in Seoul. Equipped with an English map on an ipad, a girl friend and me set off to find this place. It was a bit hard to find. Although it seemed easy to get to on the map, we didn’t know which street to turn into without internet on the street for GPS to function. Alas, with some luck and determination we eventually found our way.
On the third floor, look for a lovely red door. At the time we went, we thought it hadn’t opened for the day yet since the door was closed, and peeking through the window, the room was dead empty. Thanks to a staff who noticed our awkward hesitation and let us in. Just like that we became their first customers and our whimsical journey began!
So how does it work? First, take a seat. As their first customers, we had a privilege to choose freely and we went for a special seating booth enclosed in a seemingly handmade hut. Then we were shown a booklet explaining the process in simple English. Prices are different for different dresses, it ranges from 10,000-45,000 KRW. Duration for a dress rent is 30 minutes. During this period, eating and drinking is prohibited to keep the dress clean. Your choice to have a drink before or after the dress up session. A drink cost 6,000 KRW. We ordered strawberry milkshake and hot mocha caramel green tea latte, and decided to have them after the dresses.

I was then escorted to choose a dress. I was quite overwhelmed by more than 50 dresses to choose from: long dress, mini dress, black and various shades of white. I browsed through the selection trying to find that princessy dress in my mind: something white, fluffy, and drapes to the floor. The staff (she’s so beautiful, as most Korean women are) was extremely helpful although with a limited English proficiency. She reached for a translation app in her Samsung smartphone at times and I very much appreciated her effort. She kindly informed me the long dress section, and their prices accordingly by punching numbers in her Samsung to ensure no misunderstanding. I planned to pick something from the lowest price range (yes, I’m so cheap, I know). Sadly none of them fit the image in my head. And then I found a cute one with a huge ribbon on the chest. The front hem was just above the knees but the back was long and sweeping the floor. Perfect ❤ The staff helped me put it on. She let me wear my shorts underneath which was good because otherwise I might feel exposed, lol. A bit worried when she took out a strapless bra – thought I might have to go bare. We’re both girls, I knew, just a tad uncomfortable in front of a stranger… Luckily that bra went on top of my current one, and she professionally slipped off visible straps from my shoulders and tucked in between the garments. I watched the whole process through a tall mirror framed with vintage wood, it almost felt like a scene in Cinderella. Moments later, I felt a pull around the waist. And then, my fairy godmother handed me a pair of slippers with matching white ribbons. And not forgetting a tiara (3 choices available).

As for my friend, she insisted to wear a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) instead and save the dress for when her big day comes. Pricing starts from 15,000 KRW for hanbok, slightly more expensive maybe because there are two pieces. She was given sets of cards depicting mini tops and dresses, which could be mixed and matched to her liking. Much like choosing outfits for paper dolls, hahah… When we’re both ready, we began to take photos like crazy, utilising lovely decor as backdrops and posing with provided props (think hats, bunny ears, and the like).
We took plenty of photos and finished before the staff called us. Time restraint is not a problem here. Returned to our own clothes, we sat back reviewing photos while sipping our drinks. See the cute cup of latte? I should’ve gone for a hot drink too 😛 This cafe seems to be very popular with foreigners. There was a Korean couple, too. I still can’t imagine bringing boys into a girly place like this. It surely is a nice place to catch up for a small group of close girlfriends, especially girly girls. XD


The place is quite popular with foreigners.


Direction: Ewha University Station exit 3. Head straight on a main road towards Ewha Uni direction. Pay attention when you pass by Yes APM mall on the left, it’s about time to turn right into a smaller street. The place is next to Egg and Spoon Race restaurant, not too further down the street.


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