Hara Pork Cutlet

Hara Pork Cutlet is a little Japanese restaurant tucked in the hill of Samcheongdong area, amongst an array of boutiques selling clothes and accessories. We were starving after a full morning’s exploration of Gyeongbokgung Palace, which took longer time than estimated. That’s why we immediately decided to enter this place when seeing a decent picture of curry katsudon. Even though it was obviously a Japanese restaurant, and one is supposed to a have Korean meal when in Korea, we were simply too hungry to care.

Well, this place don’t disappoint. You see, I have a thing for cute designs. Entering this place is like tearing up a present with many layers of beautiful wrapping paper – there are many unexpected design elements before you get what you came here for. The row of cartoon animal portraits along the narrow entry are surely a delight. Then there is a bold font minimalism staircase. Since it says steak, we thought there’s a steak restaurant but it’s empty upstairs so we stepped into Hara. Super love the decor. Simple and heartwarming ❤ A tree with fairy lights does a splendid job in creating a romantic atmosphere and a sense of joy. Drawings of red leaves/sakura petals are dancing in the back wall, and fallen to the floor under my table. Ah, forgot to take a snap of that one.


And we ordered. Below is the menu, conveniently has English there (Price is as 2013).




As shown in the picture, the curry comes in a set complete with the side dishes – miso soup, kimchi and some pickles. Sorry I may have spoiled the picture. Couldn’t help to dig in, since it smelled & looked SO GOOD.

Luckily I remembered to take pictures. Look at my pork cutlet, all golden, crispy and succulent inside. Nom nom nom…. Curry katsudon comes in a set of pickled side dishes plus miso soup. (7,000 KRW) Food tasted good. Just what a curry pork katsu should taste like, thus there was nothing too special. But isn’t that how comfort food should be? We left the place with a five-stars satisfaction.


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