Y Cat Cafe


So Seoul has a dog cafe (see my previous post), of course it also has a cat cafe ๐Ÿ™‚ This one I visited is also located in the Hongdae area. Get off at Hongik University Station exit 5, walk towards Hongik University direction and find ‘the playground’. We were in the area for the Saturday free market at the playground. There were a string of pop up kiosks selling handmade accessories. We stumbled upon a cat cafe sign right on the pedestrian street opposite the playground. It led us into a small alley. From there, it’s a three minutes walk. On the left there is a ttobokki (Korean rice cake) place and a tiny japanese restaurant, and a few steps forward you will see a big sculpture of a cartoon fat cat resembling Japanese fortune cat (ๆ‹›่ดข็Œซ๏ผ‰. Y Cat Cafe is on the third floor in the small building at the end of the alley.


Upon entry, you will be asked to remove your shoes and wear provided slippers. There’s a locker to store your shoes and belongings. Sterilise your hands with a sanitiser pump next to door before entering. Once inside, you will need to get an entry ticket (8,000KRW), which includes a beverage of your choice. And then you are free to play with the cats ๐Ÿ˜‰







The atmosphere in a cat cafe is peaceful compared to the lively dog cafe. I guess that is why there are cat persons and dog persons, hahaha… I am definitely a cat person then. A dog lover too, though. Just do not have that much energy to spare as a dog person do, lol.


3 thoughts on “Y Cat Cafe

    1. Oh wow, you’ve been there too! I have no idea why they changed name, but from your blog, everything looks the same, so maybe it’s still the same owner. I agree with you, the ‘Garfield’ cat looks grumpy but it’s the most sociable among others. I petted this one a lot, haha…


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