Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe feature post! Beware of kitty overload! Haha… XD
Ever since I heard about Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea, it has become a must go destination for me. This one I visited is located at Shinchon. If you go by subway, get off from Shinchon station exit 3, walk towards the main street, which will branch off to the right as you walk on, along this part of the streets there are plenty of cheap clothes and food. Pay attention when you see a 7-Eleven on your right, as you need to turn right into another street at the next intersection. You will see Hello Kitty house almost immediately.
Super cute kitty dessert! The white kitty head cake above is raw cheese cake. Followed by kitty waffles. For an unknown reason, waffle is almost a staple menu in Korea. You can find them everywhere. Maybe it’s because it looks pretty presented on a plate? Not to mention the wealth of variation available: chocolate sauce, berries, ice cream… Yum~
I applied filter to the dimly lit photos. In reality the cafe atmosphere looks like this. Going there at day time may be a better idea so that the photos can have an airy feel from natural light.

Alright, let’s go to the second floor…via this cute staircase. Oh my gosh, kitty ribbons are scattered all over it!



The text on this picture is perfectly applicable to me…lol. Oh, by the way I ordered a hot sweet potato latte. It tasted like steamed sweet potato, not the usual purple taro found in Taiwanese bubble tea. It’s just okay. My friend had a hot green tea latte, which was tooooooo sweet she couldn’t finish it.

P.S. on another day when we visited Hongdae, we came across another kitty cafe. It’s pink! 😀



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