Wonderful Seoul

I am loving South Korea. Seoul is wonderful. I didn’t expect much. I was just in a desperate need of a holiday. But Seoul has blown my mind with its colourful culture, delicious cuisines, and plenty of shopping. Definitely my cup of tea, and I am so glad I went.

I took 1000+ photos, lol. Been posting some of them to facebook and flooding friends’ feeds with my face. (Yes I feel bad showing off like that) And then I realise, even then I can’t really share my stories because it is quite limited word space on fb. Here, though, I can babble on and post as I like 🙂

To me, one thing that really stands out is how the city is filled with lovely art and designs. At first, excited when I found something unusual, I took out a camera, snapped a photo, and put the camera back into my backpack. Soon enough, I’d come across another photo worthy point, and another, and another. Note that I’m talking about very random details, such as a cute shop front design, which is not necessarily a tourist attraction. For example, these character sculptures in a subway station. Heaps adorable, aren’t they? They may cheer up a commuter’s bad day.


If I recall correctly, it is Euljiro 1-ga station near the Cheonggyecheon stream.


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