Sunnyne Dogs Cafe

In this post I’d love to share my experience in a dog cafe. Many people back home are surprised when I told them about it, ‘A dog cafe? As in sharing your food with a dog from one plate? Eww…’ No, it’s not like that at all. To clear things upl, it is not a restaurant for human and dogs. There is no need to bring a dog. It is somewhere you can chill, have a drink, and play with dogs – a lot of them 😀 Perfect for a dog lover who does not want the hassle of keeping one in the house. There is no entry fee, but there is an obligation to purchase a (overpriced) drink. I think it’s worth it, though. There are about ten well-behaved, clean and groomed doggies. When guests come in, all dogs will dash to the door to welcome them.



Pardon my blemished face :p This little white one is a cutie ❤

Located at Hongdae area. Get there from Hongik University subway station exit 5, and walk towards Starbucks. It is somewhere around there. If you get lost, pop into one of the tourist information centre and ask for Sunnyne Dog Cafe. That’s what we did last time. The staff spoke good English and gave us a map 🙂


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